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Summer 2019-On Tuesdays  |  10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  |  Thrive-Alliance

A 5-week workshop series presented by the Foster Classroom Grandparents Program to inform and improve inter-generational learning in schools.  Open to the 55+ community.


All workshops will be held at:

Thrive Alliance Office
1531 13th Street, G900, Columbus, IN
Call (812) 372-6918 to register

Tuesday, June 18th:             Dialogic Reading by IU Department of Education

Tuesday, June 25th:             Understanding Autism by Indiana Autism Society

Tuesday, July 9th:                 Love Them Into Learning – ADDHD

Tuesday, July 16th:              Positive Guidance: developing Internal Assets: Search Inst.

Tuesday, July 23rd:              “REJECT” by Purdue University Extension Jackson County

Panel discussions:

      • “What we learned from the classroom” by current Classroom Grandparents
      • What our program measures and why!  by FGP Director

Current News

May 9, 2019

CBS 4 Indy – So. Central Indiana Seniors serves schools through the Foster “Classroom” Grandparents Program
If interested in the Foster Grandparent Program and need more information, contact the program’s Director at (866) 372-6918 x2769.