To Older Adults:

Adults in their senior years face social, physical and emotional changes and new challenges, especially if their income is low and mobility is limiting.  The result may be isolation – even depression.  The Classroom Grandparent Program especially benefits those who would participate if cost were not an obstacle.  With hourly stipends and transportation assistance, Classroom Grandparents can look forward to the rewards of living a higher quality of life.  This can yield important health, social and emotional outcomes – the outcomes that come from being useful and appreciated.

Doing good is good for you!

Volunteering reduces…                                                Volunteering increases…

Depression                                                                         Physical fitness

Chronic pain                                                                      Mental capacity & agility

Stress                                                                                   Sense of purpose and well-being

Risk of disease                                                                 Social connections

Isolation                                                                              Life expectancy