Watch a typical day for a grandparent


Classroom Grandparents serve IN SCHOOLS, ARE INVOLVED in their communities, AND ARE INCREDIBLE!

Classroom Grandparents are role models, mentors, and friends to at-risk school children.

Our Classroom Grandparents receive training monthly that will help them know about services and topics for living well, living safely and improving the quality of their lives. They also receive training that builds skills and competencies for working effectively with children in classrooms and youth-serving agencies. These include the fundamentals of:

  • relationship-building through mentoring and tutoring that intentionally strengthens and supports the internal and external assets children need for success in school and in life (see;
  • building resiliency and patterns of self-conduct that results in positive outcomes through single-issue prescriptive curriculum like the “Conscious Discipline” techniques that Head Start Centers embrace through their school readiness curriculum (see;
  • performing at a high and consistent level of compassion, understanding, and patience for children that come from “hard places” as prescribed in Trust-Based Relationship Intervention (TBRI) programs (see

We endeavor to keep our Classroom Grandparent Volunteers updated and practicing these and other evidence-based initiatives our school districts have chosen to implement for the benefit of the children and teachers we mutually serve.