Who can join?

Our program is open to volunteers 55 and over who can volunteer between 15 and 30 hours a week. No formal experience in mentoring or tutoring needed. New volunteers receive pre-service orientation and training from the elementary school or Head Start center where you will serve. We offer a tax-free hourly stipend for income-eligible volunteers. You will even receive supplemental, accident and liability insurance while volunteering.


Why become a Classroom Grandparent?

Sharing your time and experience can help children learn how to read, prepare younger students for school readiness, tackle tough subjects, and guide children at a critical time in their lives. We will match your skills and passions to opportunities that interest you including those in elementary schools and Head Start Centers.

This intergenerational program not only helps the children you will mentor to be successful in school but provides an overall improved sense of well-being for yourself and the opportunity to remain a vital part of your community.


Classroom Grandparents provide one-on-one attention, helping children achieve, and succeed in school and in life. Foster Grandparents serve in public and faith-based school classrooms, Head Start Centers, and youth-serving programs under the direction of the classroom’s teachers or assigned station supervisors.

All Classroom Grandparents are matched with children based on the child’s specific needs and the volunteer’s schedule, prior experience, or preference. Remember in order to be a Classroom Grandparent, you are not required to have any formal experience in mentoring or tutoring. Most volunteers will serve in elementary and middle schools during their time.

As positive role models and mentors, our Classroom Grandparents help students achieve educational progress by measurable standards. Progress is reported by teachers and site supervisors annually.

Training & Social-Life

Classroom Grandparents receive specific training from the school or program they are matched with and are required to attend monthly In-Service Trainings specific to their volunteer work.

The Classroom Grandparent Program provides senior volunteers with a social framework including recognition events, holiday gatherings, retreats, and information they might find useful from community experts.


Classroom Grandparents receive hourly stipends for the volunteer work. This income DOES NOT affect social security payments or disability payments.

Adults in their senior years face social, physical, and emotional changes, especially when their lives change due to limited financial flexibility. The financial commitment and physical effort to engage in community activities, such as volunteering, can lead to isolation – even depression.

The Classroom Grandparent Program is especially beneficial for those who would participate if in activities if cost were not an issue. With hourly stipends and transportation assistance, seniors can look forward to the rewards of living a satisfying and productive life, that can pay big social and emotional dividends – the dividends that come from being useful and appreciated.